We make sound work by creating
user-based sound environments.

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Sound guides us, sound connects us and sound protects us.

Sound affects us constantly. Where we work, live, learn or heal. It affects our health, wellbeing, mood and our emotions.

We at SoundTribe are passionate about designing user-based sound environments that works for you. We will help you connect the dots from Concept to Design to Solutions.

Positive sounds like wonderful music, laughter and the voices of other people make us feel good and help us to connect with others. Sounds of nature make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Human evolution took place outdoor in nature, our hearing and voice developed there to what they are today. Outdoor sound conditions differ a lot from the indoor conditions we spend 95% of our time in nowadays. That is why we should mimic the outdoor conditions as much as possible indoors. A good sound environment helps us to collaborate better, to focus on the right things and to perform at our best. Good sound environments affect health, performance and wellbeing positively. Poor sound design does the opposite.

This is where we come in.
Let us take care of your sound environment. We support you with evidence-based knowledge about the effect of sound on people. We help you to design the best looking indoor sound environment and we can offer you a solution with the best Scandinavian design that makes sound work for you.

The result: happier, healthier and better performing people and organisations. A good investment that is!

The sound environment, from concern to solution. Because we make sound work.

We are happy to bring our 25 years of experience to help make your space or design

not only look good, but also make it sound good.

We are Soundtribe.

We make sound work.

Our services

Let us help you to create the right sound environment for your organisation. Sound managed and addressed in a good way is a powerful tool for your operations. It will make people thrive, attract talent and retain employees. It’s part of the company’s culture.
We consider a number of components starting with:

Defining the right acoustic needs
Work behaviour
Mapping the acoustic situation
Share knowledge

Each room and every project is unique. We take everything into account to reach the best result: from (interior)architecture, to furniture and from branding to wayfinding. We transform your workspace into a user-based sound environment, fit for purpose. We
integrate acoustics and aesthetics, always striving to exceed your expectations.

We look into the workspace starting close to the individual office workers (micro), then to the teams and then to the office as a whole (macro). To make it work we use an approach called Activity Based Acoustic Design. We consider the people, the activity and the physical environment.

We create room for positive sounds and great looks!

We have state of the art solutions for your project, each unique and custom made. We offer you an extensive art gallery for prints, different textiles/weaves, shapes, sizes and many colour options. Or you can choose from our wide range of design elements.

We offer the best solution to reach optimum acoustics for the activities being carried out in the room. Our way of making sound interesting is something that we are very proud of- we are different!

Our faces

Frans Davidsson
Chief of Sound
E frans@soundtribe.nl
T +31629228840